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24. Apr, 2014 - Thursday

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Polyester Fiber and Spun Yarn Prices in Pakistan (Monthly Report) - EmergingText

22 April 2014 - Polyester fiber and yarn prices sharply declined in Pakistan, our correspondent reports. Our monthly report covers latest trends in polyester staple fiber prices and spun yarn prices (100% polyester and polyester-cotton) in both Karachi ...

A greener source of polyester: Cork trees - Biobased Digest

In Washington, the American Chemical Society reports that scientists are figuring out how to extract a natural, waterproof, antibacterial version of polyester from cork. Cristina Silva Pereira and colleagues explain that polyesters are ubiquitous in ...

Marginal increase in Reliance q4 net profit - The Hindu

Petrochemical earnings grew sharply with margin expansion across polymers and downstream polyester products,” Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director, RIL, said in a statement. “While we continue to face technical challenges in growing ...

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